Taekwondo for Seniors
        Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Why classes for seniors?
Today's seniors are a different breed, and we sometimes hear things like, "50 is the new 30." Or is 60 the new 30? Hard to say.
   But here's a fact: whether you're nearing 60 or nearing 80, there's room for you in a senior-friendly martial-arts class. As long as your physician clears you for physical training, a formal martial-arts program may be just what he or she had in mind.
   What do you get from a martial-arts workout? Strength training. Cardio fitness. Increased flexibility. Brain fitness from learning new things. And, on top of all this, a setting in which to make new friends. The social aspect of martial-arts training is something you shouldn't underestimate, because researchers agree that maintaining an active social life as you age is extremely
important to your overall health.
Are you an experienced martial artist who has "retired" because of your age? Then maybe it's time to get back in the game. Watching sports on TV isn't the same as being an athlete, is it? If you spent years earning a colored belt -- perhaps even a black belt -- why let all that training gather dust?
   Are you someone who always thought about studying the martial arts but never had time? Well, maybe you've now got the time to do something for yourself. Why not get in shape while learning the art of self-defense?
   Before you begin training, you need to make sure you're joining a senior-friendly program. Although today's seniors feel and act younger than those of, say, 50 years ago, it's still a fact that 70 isn't 20. Your body will still benefit greatly from training, but that doesn't mean you should be training alongside students who are 12, 15, or 18. It makes a lot more sense to train with other seniors under the guidance of an expert who can
modify the program to
accommodate the physical changes that are part of the aging process. 
  For some additional tips on senior training, visit Master Johnson's blog, "Seniors in the Martial Arts," located at http://seniormartialarts.blogspot.com. 

Master Russ Johnson
Photo: Ron Wyatt Photography
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